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Dr. Grandel Bestseller Hyaluron Refill Cream paired with Hyaluronic Love Edition: 3 Hyaluronic acid Ampoules! High Molecular Weight Hyaluron (Hyaluron Ampoule), Low Molecular Weight Hyaluron (Hyaluron Moisture Flash) and time-release Hyaluron (Hyaluron at Night).


By Protocol:         Finishing Cream

By Target:            Hydration

By Care:               Face Care


HA-tastic Gift Set

Hyaluron Refill Cream

Product Description

Algae-seawater complex remineralizes and delivers a rapid, targeted dose of moisture to the skin
Depot hyaluron with an encapsulation system layered like an onion creates a depot effect, supplying the skin with precious moisture over the course of many hours
Filler hyaluron plumps up even deep dryness lines from the inside out
Synthesis booster stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers
Babassu oil smooths and conditions even scaly, dry skin patches to leave skin silky smooth again

Usage Instructions

Before going to bed, apply a hazelnut-sized portion of the product to cleansed skin of face, neck and décolleté. Make sure to use a suitable DR. GRANDEL eye care product beforehand

Active Ingredients

Algae-seatwater complex
Depot hyaluron
Filler hyaluron
Synthesis booster
Babassu oil